Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Sleddin' we will go...

or maybe not!
We were so excited to FINALLY get a decent snow fall... something we've been waiting for all winter. You'd think that moving into a snow belt, we'd have snow! February is almost over and we finally ventured out on our first tobogganing trip.
The outing started out as usual. We bundled Eden up and she undressed herself before we got there. Typical. I remember each of the kids doing this at the same age. It's annoying when you're running lots of errands and you have to dig for socks and shoes every time you stop the car!

The snow hill is affectionately called Mt. Trashmore since it was the dump site until the city decided to turn it into a snow hill and bike park. You can see Ronny pulling the other kids up the hill in the distance.

We should have waited until the snow stopped blowing because the kids were crying right away. It hurt when the snow hit their little faces. We made it up the hill and decided to not even ride down as it would hurt the kids faces too much. Suddenly Elijah disappeared on us while we were talking at the top of the hill. He apparently nudged himself on the GT until he started racing down the hill (backwards). He's always been a little daredevil on the snow hills.

Ronny chased after him, thinking he hadn't done it on purpose (and worried that Elijah would be terrified). I walked back down the hill with the girls and headed toward the van. Thus ended our first tobogganing adventure of the year!

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