Saturday, April 14, 2012

Science Fair

To be honest, when I was first approached about doing a project with the kids for the Science fair, I wanted to respond with a big, "NO, thanks- sounds like lots of work and a big mess!".... yet I knew the kids would love the chance to exhibit what they have learned about Astronomy over the last two years. They LOVED putting together their project. Evie did her own research and the older two did all their own typing (and in the process, learned how to type the proper way!). What a great learning experience. Evie remembers so many facts because she took her education into her own hands. Best way to learn is to discover it for yourself. I am beyond pleased:)

My cousin's wife is already getting started with homeschooling her little guy, Brennan:)

My sister Beth and her little guy, Lincoln...

And her other little guy, Maddox...

My niece, Reese, did her project on the beetles that they raise at their house:

My mom is such a big supporter of the homeschooling community. Love her!

Reese did a great job presenting her project- I was so proud of her because she has a big fear of speaking in front of crowds!

As much as we've enjoyed studying Astronomy, we are very excited to move on to our next Science topic... but I'll save that for a different blogging day.