Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Pilgrim's Progress

I had another lucky thrift store find: Little Pilgrim's Progress by Helen Taylor. I got it for 50 cents... gotta love finds like that. I knew that I wanted the kids to hear Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan but wasn't sure when I'd start. Evie is probably ready but Elijah isn't. I usually love unabridged versions for most books we read but Pilgrim's Progress is so heavy and I didn't want to turn the kids off from such a great book. Little Pilgrim's Progress is the perfect answer... it's written beautifully, keeping the story intact. I love the short chapters- perfect for the kids to narrate back to me what they've heard. I read half the chapter and get Elijah to tell me what all happened. Then I finish the chapter and Evie narrates from where Elijah left off. They're really enjoying the book so far.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eden's Third Birthday

Our little princess is three! I must say, I love three year olds. Two year olds are adorable... but challenging! As much as I want to keep them little forever, I'm welcoming this new phase. She's potty trained. So much easier to reason with. And not colouring on the walls anymore. Well, maybe a little but at least she doesn't scribble all over them... she just draws little people. Cute.

Happy birthday to the cutest THREE year old ever!!

Sock Monkeys

We're spending the week at mom and dad's while they're on holidays. It's been fun catching up with family here.

Cousin Sierra came over today to teach Evie how to make sock monkeys. Evie's been asking for someone to teach her to sew for a long time. What better way than sock monkeys??! Sierra is the sock monkey QUEEN. She designs her own and has made dozens of them. What a great teacher she was!

Eden jumped in to pose for the picture too! She was so excited to be given a sock monkey from Aunt Mel today! It's her birthday gift from them and she played with it much of the afternoon!

Meanwhile, Elijah made snow forts with Sulli and Savannah...

Savannah and Sullivan were happy to have a snow day today. More like a slush day. It was pretty mild and rainy all day.

And these boys spend countless hours on lego creations.

Here's to cousins, snow days and sock monkeys!