Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daddy Love!

The kids have made these cute mailboxes for daddy and taped them to the wall. When he comes home from work, the first thing he does is check his 'mailboxes'. The kids giggle and jump around as he gathers up all his mail (there's usually quite a stash). I love how Evie wrote 'daddy' in cursive.

Then daddy sits on the couch and admires every single piece as they snuggle all around him.

Ronny figures that we should change Eden's name to "Eben" since Evie can never spell it right:)

1 comment:

  1. Your kids are beautiful! You really know what you're doing with your camera, too!

    I finally saw your message on TWTM forum today and sent you a response. So sorry ... I never thought to check for private messages! ;)

    Our Elijah ("Eli") just turned 5 this week! How cute that we have boys so close in age with the same name!