Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Owl Eden Puke

Owl puke by day, EDEN puke by night... every 20 minutes .all. night. long.

Here she is doing her ever-so-fake pout. It's the best pout she has and it makes me giggle every time she shows it to me. I love my little girl!


  1. Hi Tracy! So glad you're blogging, I love hearing about you and your beautiful family :-) Its so great how you enjoy your kiddos so much, they grow up so "Fast"! (and cute title hehe)

  2. Aww poor girl! Its never fun when the kiddos are sick!

    She's so cute!

  3. Another do you get your pics so big?? I like that!!

  4. Yay! I love reading blogs from people I know! and I'm inspired by your adventures in homeschooling, it's always been on the options list for us - comes up every 6 months or so. Right now our boys are at a Christian school and we love it, but I've always been attracted to homeschooling too. I'm looking forward to reading your blog in the weeks to come!

  5. Hi Lorrie! Are you still blogging too? Can you send me a link if you are? I miss chatting with you on facebook:( When's the next trip to Ontario planned for?

    Hi Tammara! I'm going to go and get caught up on your blog too now! I'm glad to hear that you feel inspired to homeschool, I love it (most of the time:)

    Sheila- I got my pictures big thanks to tips from these two places: