Tuesday, April 6, 2010


In preparation for Easter, I bought the Resurrection Eggs and a sweet book called, "Benjamin's Box" to go along with them.

The kids had so much fun opening the eggs! I'd borrowed my friend Teri's set a few years ago. It was so funny, Evie was about four years old and when we got to the last egg (which is empty to represent the empty tomb), Evie started looking around to see if something had fallen out. I explained to her that it was SUPPOSED to be empty, just like the empty tomb. She just couldn't wrap her mind around that and then exclaimed, "Don't worry mom! I'll find something to put in this egg!"

The kids are going to hear the Easter Story thousands of times by the time they are grown. In the constant repetition of it I hope that they never lose sight of how amazing it really is.

We had a great Easter weekend. The weather hit record highs... around 24 degrees! We were able to celebrate with Ronny's side on Saturday and my side on Sunday.

The bigger cousins collected a pail full of frogs at our family gathering on Sunday. They convinced Eden to kiss about four or five of them- right on the lips!

Ronny's Opa died on Easter Monday (yesterday). How beautiful that he died on a weekend full of promise. Because Jesus rose again, we will be reunited with Opa in heaven! Opa loved Jesus and now he is face to face with Him:)


  1. Great pictures! I love their outfits! :)

    Sorry to hear about Ronny's Opa, but he is now with Jesus and that is such an amazing thought! :) (Lindsay)

  2. Tracy ~ These pictures are so sweet! ;)

    Your *big* pictures look great! Love their matching outfits ... my sister dressed her two in the same line from Children's Place!

    The kissing the frog pics are just too cute! Frame-worthy! She will be horrified one day, but oh, ... how cute!

  3. Your children are very beautiful Tracy! Eden is sooooo brave, my girls would have been screaming at the sight of a frog- her cousins must have been convincing :-) Blessings, Lorrie

  4. Carrie- thanks for the tips on getting "Big" pics on my blog! :0)
    Lorrie- I was surprised at Eden... she cries at the sight of a fruit fly coming near her! We'll have to take her to see that princess and the frog movie:)

  5. Just a warning: there is a lot of scary Voo Doo crap in the Princess and the Frog movie... too bad because it's a cute story line otherwise.

    Sorry to hear about Ronny's Opa, how was the funeral?

    Love the pics and love those kids!