Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cracking the Fast Language Code:)

Last week we had a great visit to the town of Elora. We hiked a few trails and had a picnic. When we were heading to the little river, Eden repeatedly kept saying, "Bah-doe, Bah-doe". I finally realized that's her word for "water". We're constantly trying to crack the language code with her. "Book" is "Book" but it also means, "Milk"! She puts an "L" in front of a few words... "Head" is "Lead" and "Uppy" is "Luppy".
Elijah and Evie have a few funny words too.. Evie says "Thinger" instead of "finger" and Elijah says, "Dis" instead of "This".

This picture was taken in Elora. I saw a guy with a fancy camera walking around so I asked him to take our picture:) We're definitely going to head back to Elora in the near future and do some more exploring, I love it there!!


  1. What a great family pic! You guys make a beautiful family! ;)

  2. Great family picture! I love Nooner's language, she is so cute... I've just noticed lately that Reese says "v" for her "w" words - she sounds Swedish! Example, "Ve Vant to go outside mommy!"

  3. I commented on this before and it wouldn't post... grrr....

    Anyways, just wanted to say that I love the family photo - you guys are one good looking family :) I love Evie's long, tanned legs, she's such a beauty!

    And I love their little languages - too cute :)

    ps... do you still read J*'s blog? If not, today's post is worth looking at:

  4. Okay, I seriously waited a day before writing my 2nd comment because I was afraid the first one would be a delayed post... Well, here's my 3rd comment: next time I'm just gonna email you - hahaha.

  5. Haha! You're so darn cute Beth! I loved that Jasmine Star post... how awesome is that??!!
    Love Reese's swedish accent! Funny! It's cute when they're in kindergarten and you start teaching them the special sounds... like "TH" in "Thick". That's when you really started to notice the little quirks in their speech:) I was telling Lindsay and Danijel that Dom was saying, "Baf" instead of "Bath". Danijel looked so surprised, he didn't know it had a "TH" at the end either. He said he wanted to join our language class:)

  6. LOL That is so cute! Eden has quite an interesting language! haha

  7. haha and dom still says, "Baff" instead of "Bath", he still needs to work on his "th"s. must be the croatian side of him! LOL