Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dis and Dat...

Dis and Dat is Elijah's way of saying this and that! We're trying to get him to realize the "th" sound:)
When we started Math U See at the beginning of the school year, I started Evie in grade one all over again. She hadn't memorized her addition facts with the other math program we were using last year. She just finished grade one a little over a month ago and we're into second grade now. She's almost finished with memorizing all the addition facts now but she still has to pick up speed. I love it that she add it all in her head without using her fingers!
Yesterday she used the math u see blocks to show all the combinations that you can use to make 9. It's just so cool to me that she's able to figure addition facts out on her own. It gives her ownership and makes the facts actually mean something to her. Have I mentioned that I LOVE math u see?? I didn't even tell her to write down the combinations, she did that on her own. I was hoping that this year she'd outgrow her letter and number reversals. Another goal for next year, I guess:)


  1. way to go evie! thats cute about elijah. :) (Lindsay)

  2. Love keeping up with you here Tracy! The family looks great :) We miss you!

  3. Can't wait to start Math U See! That's so cool that Evie did that all on her own! And I miss dis and dat boy - when can we do a play date???

  4. Nice hearing from you Andrea! Miss you too!

    Beth- as soon as Eden's done the flu we can get together? How's Lncoln's pink eye?

  5. Another flu?!?!?!?! That poor kid! I don't think that Linc had pink eye after all, just that he kept rubbing his snotty nose and then his eyes so they got all pussy for a couple days.... it was a pretty disgusting week. I hope the rest of you stay healthy.