Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Princess

We finished reading "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett- what a great book! To celebrate, we had a party with Cassidy and Maggie who also just finished the book. We met together to watch "A Little Princess" movie and have a Victorian Tea party.

Angie had a great idea to start off the party. In the book, Sarah Crewe had hard living conditions and imagined her surroundings to be lovely. Angie thought we should begin by having the girls go into my parent's old, dark basement. We gave them a kettle of water, tin cups, and plain bread. They had so much fun acting out Sarah Crewe and imagining that it was a fancy tea party!

Then they came upstairs to an actual fancy tea party!

Elijah was determined to join in on the fun! He figured he could sneak in as a knight in shining armour:)

Drinking tea like a real lady!

Cassidy, the comedian, demonstrated how a lady should NOT behave at a tea party. Funny girl!


  1. How fun! And Evie is wearing my old dress - she look so cute! And I love Elijah in his knight costume - what a boy!

  2. Looks like soo much fun!! I remember playing dress up and "baking cookies" at my Oma's house. I love the knight at the tea party too. So sweet!!

  3. evie wearing beth's old dress! brings back memories! :)

  4. I just can't get over how beautiful Evie is!! looks like a wonderfully girly party was had!!

  5. How creative of you and Angela! I love that pic of the cousins running together in their long dresses, what a wonderful childhood they are having :-) If I lived near you I would be homeschooling hehe. -Lorrie