Sunday, March 7, 2010


Last week we went sledding again (with much better success!).
Of all the kids, we weren't sure how Eden would like it... turns out that she loved it the most! The other two seemed to get bored of it quickly. Eden couldn't get enough.

Ronny even sent her down on her own! She kept letting go of the wheel and falling back. She wanted to do it over and over.

Mmmmm... hot chocolate:)


  1. Fun! That's cute that nooners loved it so much - she's more brave than Reese!

  2. wow she is really brave! so you still have lots of snow there? (Lindsay)

  3. Yeah- my kids inherited their daddy's "need for speed"! Lindsay- the snow melted the last few days, it's been really warm out with lots of sunshine! It's getting me excited for Spring! You probably have gorgeous weather now?

  4. I love the second photo where your daughter's nose looks as pink as her outfit! How cute!