Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For Sale:

Evie was complaining that she can't shut some of her overflowing dresser drawers. I asked Evie if she wanted to sell some of her clothes on Kijiji. She ran to her room and came back with an armload of clothes that she wants to part with. Then Elijah disappeared. He came back with only one thing that he was willing to part with. The item in the photo. Evie and I had a good laugh... picturing the old thing for sale on Kijiji. Elijah had no idea what was so funny! Oh, I love my boy!


  1. HAHAHA!!! That's Dominik's old underwear, no wonder he wants to part with it! HAHAHAHAHA!!! (Lindsay)

  2. Hahaha!! Oh boys, you gotta love 'em!!!

  3. get mommy to buy u panties they are more comfy