Friday, January 22, 2010

Bye-bye thumb!

The first day of her life, Eden found her thumb. I noticed her sucking it while I was taking some pictures of her. I was so glad to have been taking pictures because she sucked for all of 30 seconds and that was it. It wasn't until Eden was just 3.5 months when she started sucking her thumb again. I was SO excited... I grabbed my camera as fast as I could, just in case it was another one time thing. It wasn't a one time thing. She was attached. I researched online to see if it was a habit I should discourage. My findings, and my instinct told me to let her be. More than that though, I just simply thought it was SO CUTE! It seriously melted my heart every time she put it her in mouth. She loved tugging my shirt with one hand and then popping her thumb in with the opposite.
She's had a series of colds over the last month and couldn't suck it with a stuffy nose. And now that her cold is over, she's still not sucking it! She keeps putting it near her mouth out of habit.

I know it's the best thing. I'm glad that I don't have an eight year old sucking her thumb. But I'm so sad that she's growing up and changing.

Maybe it's because she's my last baby.

Or because she looked darn cute with a thumb in her mouth.

But I am so sad.

Bye-bye thumb.


  1. Awww I hope it'll get easier to watch your baby grow up!

  2. Now she won't take after her aunt Buff:(
    Clayton knows how to take care of thumb suckers. He just takes them on a quad ride with his trusted rope:)

  3. I guess with the title bye bye thumb, the first thing you'd think of is Clayton! We really did say bye bye to his thumb, poor guy!