Monday, January 4, 2010

Charlotte's Web

We recently did a unit study on Charlotte's Web. The kids wrote poetry about country and city life. We had fun studying spiders while reading the book. Evie caught a little spider and we observed it in their microscope...

Here's Evie with a spider she caught. She loves spiders. This one is very little but she'll hold and play with HUGE ones! She doesn't take after me that way!

When we wrap up a unit study, we finish off with a party! We did the same thing when we finished Charlie and Chocolate Factory. We watch the movie the day of the party. Of course it's never as good as the book but it's something fun to look forward to. I had a copy of "Charlotte's Web" with Dakota Fanning so we watched the movie and had lots of treats! My mom was so sweet... she heard about the party and came by with this delicious peanut butter pie/cookie treat!

Here they all are with the paper mache spiders that they made! The boy in the middle is my nephew, Dominik. I had fun homeschooling him for a few months.

The kids decorated their own spider cupcakes.


  1. we are just finishing up "charlotte's web". fun to see the pictures!

    i read a post of yours on SCM & the gradual change to a more CM approach after curriculum-in-a-box. was wondering if you'd be up for sharing how you've "gradually" shifted. i'm involved in the same process and would love advice, a gauge, etc. if you're up for that kinda communication swap...let me know.

  2. Oh my gosh -- I can't believe Evie and that spider!! *shudder!* Brave girl, is all I can say!

  3. Hey Caron:) I just wrote a post that briefly sums up our gradual shift over to the CM method. We started with Math U See. I picked up English for a Thoughtful child, I love it! We do narration as often as I think of it. Getting rid of all the 'twaddle' in the home and buying classic books and lots of poetry.
    Sheila- I shudder at spiders too. You wouldn't even believe the ugly, HUGE ones that she's caught and played with. I wouldn't be surprised if she'd hold a tarantula. The funniest part was that she affectionately called that little spider, 'baby' while she was playing with it!