Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anne of Green Gables Tea Party on the first day of SPRING!!

It's the first day of Spring and we are having a historic warm spell here in Ontario! It has been exciting to see our garden in blossom in MARCH! Here are our first spring flowers, crocuses.

We thought that a fun way to welcome in Spring would be to have an Anne of Green Gables tea party. I just read the book to Evie and her cousin Cassidy over the last month and a half. The girls loved it and were the perfect ages to read the book too. The giggled their way through the whole thing.

We started preparations a few weeks ago. Cassidy and Evie did some baking together and we froze it for the day of the party. We wanted to have a four course tea party as suggested in the Anne treasury book that we have.

The Anne of Green Gables cook book also had a recipe for Raspberry Cordial so we made that too! If you remember from the book, the cordial is what Anne was supposed to serve to her bosom friend, Diana. However, she accidentally served her red currant wine and the tea party was cut short because Diana became drunk!

I found this vintage Anne pop up book at a thrift store yesterday:)

Evie baked the biscuits all by herself this morning. She wasn't sure how she'd like biscuits as she's never tried them before but she quickly became a fan:)

My mom made the fruit cake this morning. Did you know that in the past, fruit cake was made in the fall and was placed in the pantry and served all winter because it kept well? That way there was always something to serve to unexpected company. The fruit cake my mom made was great, it tasted much better than the typical fruit cakes one might have at Christmas (yuck!).

We made the Maritime Gingersnaps from the Anne cook book. They didn't have sugar and were quite potent! No one liked them:)

Caylee, Reese, Cassidy, Evie, Zoe and Eden!

My baby nephew, Maddox made a very cute Gilbert!

Elijah made a very cute Gilbert, too!

Aren't they all "divinely beautiful" ??!!


  1. Very cute tea party! Nice way to celebrate Spring-by celebrating Anne! We love Anne too(as you know:)
    Your Anne cookbook looks different than mine..our recipe has sugar. And there is no fruitcake in our book. Must be different cookbook. You should have made the plum pudding(without the mouse in it of course:)
    I have read the first 2 Montgomery books to my boys..we flew through the 2nd one so fast cause we couldn't put it down. Our fave is Mr. Harrison and his silly parrot..and the twins Davy and Dora are so cute..good thing Anne got the toad out of Marilla's bed..she would have fainted, LOL.
    And so glad sweet little Dora didn't fall down the well but just got locked up in shed by her devilish little brother Davie!
    Can't wait to read these books to my girls~but they are too little yet to really enjoy.
    We are hoping to visit Prince Edward this summer so boys can see Anne of Green Gables play. Cavendish is so beautiful! And a friend here says she took her family to the Anne village on island and it's great~real actors telling the story..seems like you are really back in time there.
    Happy Homeschooling!

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  3. BEAUTIFUL! The photography is great and your details are so perfect! I pinned this to one of my pinterest boards!

    1. Thanks so much Monique- I just browsed your photography so I will especially take this as a compliment:)

  4. Really beautiful and sooooo rich with details!!! Congratulations for all that hard work! Their dresses and everything looks great!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! This is such a cute party! I love this!!

  6. What a beautiful party! Loved It all! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ohhh! I just ADORE this! I loved Anne growing up and had that treasury book too. I wish I could be a girl again and be at this party. It is beautiful! :)

  8. I love throwing seasonal parties and especially in winters. There are lots of Chicago event venues where these kinds of small parties are arranged without burning hole in one's pocket. I always book one of them and celebrate every season with my family and friends.